Sandatum is a small independent software development company, with a focus on making cool apps for Mac and occasionally doing some freelance/contract work, usually backend web development.

Latest News

Stockpile 2.2.0 Released
May 7, 2016

We've added additional file information, geolocation (GPS) data, undo support, scrolling gestures and more.

Stockpile 2.1.0 Now Available
Mar 17, 2016

We've added Silos, Quick Views, photo ratings and more. Learn what these new features are and what they can do for you.

Stockpile 2.0.0 is Here
Feb 14, 2016

With a whole new user interface, storage fixes and performance upgrades, version 2 is better than ever. The library has moved internally, find out why.

Native Forex Trading on Mac
Jan 8, 2016

A native multi-broker trading app for the Mac. No more emulators, no more virtual machines, no more hacks, just a pure, native and fast trading experience.

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HDD vs SSD vs Fusion Drive
Apr 13, 2016

When buying a Mac, which storage drive should you opt for? We'll answer that question, or at least help you decide.

Supporting Retina Images on Websites
Mar 27, 2016

The number of high-resolution devices is growing. We'll look at what the options are for supporting normal and high-resolution devices on websites.

We're located in Sheffield, UK, the weather is nothing to rave about, but we are the greenest city in Europe!