Sandatum is a small independent software development company, with a focus on making cool apps for Mac and occasionally doing some freelance/contract work, usually backend web development.

New in Stockpile 2.4.0
Oct 1, 2016

With this version, comes a whole host of new features, including better integration into other applications, more customisation and improved management options.

Improved File Support in Stockpile 2.3.0
Aug 26, 2016

With v2.3.0, support has been added for non-standard image formats. This means that files created within editors such as Affinity Designer or Photoshop can now be viewed within Stockpile.

Stockpile 2.2.0 Released
May 7, 2016

We've added additional file information, geolocation (GPS) data, undo support, scrolling gestures and more.

Stockpile 2.1.0 Now Available
Mar 17, 2016

We've added Silos, Quick Views, photo ratings and more. Learn what these new features are and what they can do for you.

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